KILA’s International Conference Series- 5


19-22 November 2016 at Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), Thrissur, Kerala, India

Thank you all for making Thinkers Workshop a grand success!
The Conference aims to deliberate on issues of marginalisation, poverty and decentralisation across the world and what lessons local self government institutions, states and countries learn from Kerala’s experience in democratic decentralisation and poverty alleviation in addressing concerns of marginalisation, poverty, social and political exclusion etc. The best practices from other countries will also be discussed. Since decentralisation is considered an important prerequisite for addressing many social, economic and political concerns at local level, efforts will be made to discuss the issues, alternatives, innovations and modalities for promoting the same in different contexts. Collective action and social movements in this regard will also be discussed. Poverty is a multi dimensional problem and it is closely linked with marginalisation. The issues emerging in poverty alleviation require extensive discussion and dissemination of good practices for replication. Participation is another important aspect of decentralisation and therefore papers are welcome to discuss emerging patterns of participation in various social, political and economic contexts. The papers on various aspects of marginalisation, poverty and decentralisation in local as well as global contexts are welcome. How decentralisation, federalism, participation, organisational democracy and self management can help in resolving various types of conflicts in the developing societies need to be debated.

There will be a special session for sharing Kerala Experience led by Dr. T.M. Thomas Isaac, Hon. Minister for Finance, Dr. K.T. Jaleel, Hon. Minister for Local Self Governments, Mr. S.M. Vijayanand, Chief Secretary, Mr. T.K. Jose, Principal Secretary, and Dr. V.K. Baby, Secretary, Dept. of Local Self Government, Government of Kerala, followed by field visits.

The following are the technical sessions :-

 ★  Decentralisation and Local Governance
 ★  Marginalisation and Deprivation
 ★  Poverty, Inequality and Exclusion
 ★  Community Governance
 ★  Women Empowerment
 ★  Climate Change and Food Insecurity
 ★  Social Accountability
 ★  Collective Action and Social Movements
 ★  Participatory Planning
 ★  Rights Based Development
 ★  Capacity Building
 ★  Natural Resource Management and Organic Farming
 ★  Participation and Organisational Democracy
 ★  Child Rights Governance
 ★  Urban Governance
 ★  Entrepreneurship and Development

The keynote speakers of the conference are:

 •  Professor Isabel DA COSTA, President, RC 10 (CNRS-IDHE cole Normale Sup_rieure de Cachan, France)
 •  Dr. T.M. Thomas Isaac, Eminent Economist and Finance Minister, Government of Kerala
 •  Mr. S.M. Vijayanand, Chief Secretary, Government of Kerala
 •  Dr. K.T. Jaleel, Minister for Local Self Government, Government of Kerala
 •  Mr. T K Jose, I A S, Principal Secretary, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala
 •  Dr. V K Baby, I A S, Secretary, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala
 •  Mr. Tevita G. Boseiwaqa Taginavulau, Director General, Centre on Integrated Rural Development For Asia and the Pacific,
 •  Mr. M.A. Matin, Director General (In Charge), Rural Development Academy, Bangladesh
 •  Dr Harjit Singh Anand, President, WG 05 (Chairman, Glownet Knowledge Services)
 •  Professor Staffan LINDBERG (Lund University, Sweden, ytc)
 •  Professor Surinder JODHKA (Centre for the Study of Social Systems, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, tbc)
 •  Professor Fátima ASSUNÇÃO, Vice-President APSIOT and Secretary RC10 (University of Lisboa, Portugal)
 •  Dr. P. P. Balan, Board Member WG05 and RC 10 (Kerala Institute of Local Administration, Thirssur, Kerala, India)
 •  Professor Eleni-Nina Pazarzi, Vice-President European Sociological Association and Treasurer RC10 (University of Piraeus, Greece)
 •  Dr Greg Munro, Secretary-General, Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF), London, United Kingdom
 •  Professor Debal SinghaRoy (School of Social Sciences, IGNOU, New Delhi, India, tbc)
 •  Dr. Amrit Srinivasan, Former Professor and Head, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT, New Delhi
 •  Dr. Gopakumar K. Thampi, Director, Economic Governance, Asia Foundation, Sri Lanka
 •  Mr. Janaka Hemathilaka, Practical Action, Sri Lanka
 •  Dr. John Kattakkayam, Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, University of Kerala